Corton Consulting is a leading management consulting company that helps organisations develop and implement growth strategies, improve operations and capitalise on technology. Using multidisciplinary teams formed from our highly skilled strategy, technology and operations professionals, Corton works with clients to realise the potential within their own organisations and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


Corton is headquartered in Cambridge with offices in London and across the South East of England. The company was established in 2002 by a combination of partners with director level experience covering a broad range of industry sectors. The firm serves clients in industries such as consumer electronics, industrial products and services, telecommunications and broadcast, healthcare and information technology.

How Corton works for you

Our commitment to the building and sharing of intellectual capital positions us at the leading edge of the digital revolution. Our clients define what Corton does from the ideation through to project implementation. Each client expects measurable results, rapid deployment and value addition. They want to work with a small, focused team who delivers strategy and business design as well as creative and scalable market offerings.

Further information

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